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A Non-exhaustive list of reasons you might seek out my services.

Pressure In Some Of Your Roles

Challenges of being a dad, husband, step-dad, single-dad, partner, boyfriend, son (any of your roles of being a man) I have tons of empathy for you on this one. It can be complex, emotional, and yet so rewarding, right? Sometimes the rewards aren’t immediately tangible or felt. I’m here for you!

Defining Who You Are

To embrace your modern masculinity with confidence, compassion, pride, and ease. Re-asserting or re-defining what you want out of life and then going for it with all you’re made of. Everyone has a different version, story, background, motivations, and needs. It’s one of life’s greatest treasures to own and thrive in your own modern masculinity. Some may try to define it for you, but your not going to let that happen, right?

Career Choice - Career Issues

Whether you are just starting a career and not sure what path to take, or frustrated and stuck in an unfulfilling career, there are avenues and resources to help you. Striking a balance between the traditional needs of pay and benefits with your unique special needs of personal life and down time is important, and you know it. So how do you find that? What if I told you there is a proven assessment and coaching program that does answer your questions and lights you up about your career? It might be a good fit for you.

Feeling Covered Up By Stereotypes

We men often get covered up with layers of non-truth and the confusion of stereotypes (no blame or judgement on anyone in particular – the layers just happen over time). One small illustration of just two useless layers that most of you have surely heard of, if you haven’t there is a good chance you will soon – “nice guys finish last” & “women prefer bad boys”. Opinion & bias in those comments? Helpful in defining who you are as a man? Have you unwittingly played into either of these opinions (it’s ok if you did, your human)? How did that turn out for you (take some time with this and answer in detail please)? How do you  truly want to be seen and heard as a unique, whole, and resourceful man (one of the most important questions you will ever be asked, in my humble estimation)? In the long run, who “you” want to be is all that really matters.

How Is The Fortress Holding Up?

To break down old defense mechanisms and negative self-talk that has not worked and that stand in the way of your relationships, careers, hobbies, life goals….. The best defense is a good offense isn’t just applicable to sports and the military! Reacting defensively in your mindset, trains you brain to shut down the pathways to experience real happiness, love, peace and joy. A positive mindset is your offense guys – to leave the fortress of defense and explore healthier ways of dealing with the bad stuff that comes your way. I can assure you it’s in your grasp and capabilities to learn a masculine version of happiness, love, peace, and joy that you can live with and thrive in! Awaken your inner hippie my man!

Your Brand Of Leadership

To be authentic, non-conforming, self-aware, and vulnerable, all the while showcasing attributes that are characteristically of men…. on your terms! There are several different modern leadership definitions that can be useful at all levels of your life and relationships, not just your career. I like this simple definition – Leaders help themselves and others do the right things. What kind of leader are you now? How do people react to your leadership and describe it? What kind of leader do you want to be, future story?

Dating - Yep, I'll Go There If You Want?

Dating trials and tribulations and how to turn that around to date with fun, confidence, patience, respect, and no preconceived expectations. To be yourself and attract who you are looking for as a life long partner and not have to play games. Wow….is he serious lol! Funny but true, and it isn’t all that deep and crazy – in your journey to truly becoming the authentic and “happy with yourself guy” you want to be, a lot of dating nonsense clears up on it’s own. So we can work with this in detail if you want? Patience my man, patience!

Have You Tried Setting Boundaries?

Learning to set boundaries for yourself and others to protect your much needed energy, goals, and valued personal and business relationships. Have you heard of being a boundary boss? Becoming one can make your life so much easier and in control of your own peace of mind. It takes care of a lot of little minutia downer stuff that drains you of your time and energy. You will be amazed….it takes practice but is a bona fide fix to energy vampires!

Kind Of A Catch-All - Talk It Out

Failure, unfairness, uncertainty in your current views – break up, divorce, marital strain, overlooked for promotion, lay off from work, aging issues, new medical restrictions, relocation stress…. I’m here for you as a listener, mentor, or coach. It helps to talk. There doesn’t always have to be a goal of transformation or a fix to what’s on your mind. Even if it’s not me, reach out to someone that gives you safe space to talk it out. Leave the house, do something you want to do by yourself and is fun, keep moving, write your thoughts in a journal. Take care of you mister!

Speaking from experience gents, you don’t have to settle for anything, or feel confused, non-focused, irritated, aggrieved, uncertain…. ever! You deserve your best life…..always!! And you can do it with consistency, balance, empathy, and strength! And what’s really cool about that, is there are people you can truly trust and call your tribe to support you and you can support them, sometimes it just takes a little work to settle into that. You can have all of that and more.  The most important ingredient to your best life…. is taking care of you good Sir! I’m offering to be there for you, that’s what I do.

Scott A. Olson

Scott A. Olson

Founder & Coach Consultant - Ready Insight Consulting, LLC

I do provide a free one hour discovery call and coaching session to help ensure we would be a good fit for coaching. That’s the only way it works for us – it’s fair, upfront, and honest!  Schedule With Me